Spot Printing:

This full front print features 5 spot colors:  white, gray, green, red and black.  Each color requires it own screen and tipically the colors you see see are the colors printed. This process is most widely used and the most affordable.


4 - Color Process Printing:

This process creates a picture like image using 4 basic colors - "CYMK".  C = Cyan, Y = Yellow, M = Megenta and K = Black.   When applying one ink on top of another we can create a whole rainbow of colors. Process printing works best with white or light colored garments to creare  a soft hand with sharp clarity.  Spot colors for text or color enhancement  are frequently needed to creat that increadible picture like look.   

Simulated Spot Process:
Simulated spot process is relatively new to our industry. This new process adds sharp claiity and a vibrent look to light and dark garments. With this process we are not creating new colors but actually placing them side by side. This allows for more flexibility with art cost, design size and garment color. Secondary colors can be achievable but not always controllable.  Each color requires it's own screen.